Our Polite Pub Movers Manifesto, 2015

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We are always present in togetherness.

We are our own and our many, aware of exposure
aware of every single gesture, position, mimicry, 

aware of the space that our body takes up,
as well as the space that our body takes up.

We let the sound guide us.
We never stop listening.

We are hosts and we are guests,
it is ours but it is yours too
we share
we exist and you exist too
we resist your aggressiveness
we move around
we subtly modify the world. 

We remember that moving is not random in its process, whilst perhaps it is in its outcome.
And we play.

We notice that everything happening is a consequence of fast, hard to grasp, immediate, spontaneous, solid and clear decision making.

We trust ourselves.

We allow stillness to be our movement. A lot. 

We wait and we train patience. 

We practice pointlessness.

We let each of us dance, each of us drink.

We give time, we never take it.

We let it be, we never force.

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