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By Angelica Bollettinari & Margherita Elliot


Enter the room with decisiveness.
Do a short beautiful detailed dance about nothing
ending in an open fourth position on the floor.

Shake and pulse to a rhythm, whilst trying to keep the focus and attention out, to the space and to others.

Do an elephant walk and move with it towards a wall.
Make yourself be one with the wall, be curious, let your weight sink and stay. 


Hug someone.

(de-floating or melting)
Lie on the floor (no one lies on the ground anymore)

          Head and tail. Testa coda


Place yourself in the middle of the room.
Whenever you find a gesture or a move which you recognise has been passed on to you
perform a ritualistic movement routine based on the idea of cleaning, cleansing, washing, womanhood and memory. RITO - LAVARE 


See others. See things. Follow a flow, pause.

End with the awareness that this could go on forever
And find your way out of the room.


1977 - Lavanda
una danza

  • detersione - pulizia
  •      entrare in uno spazio vuoto
  •                                  essere livido (bluastro) “livere”
  •     comunica ma non parla
  •            fortemente aromatica: il suo sapore è come il suo odore. 
  •                 rimane pesante sulla lingua, persistente e lentamente intossicante
  •      è come la più elegante delle signore


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