Gli Angeli / The Angels, 2015

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Angels recount short stories of my body.
A body feeling hybrid as it is mutable through movement,
uncomfortable in any defined or definitive form.
A flowing cluster of images, options and ways of being after the Great Flood.

Being part of a prearranged picture
and the continuous drawing of the picture in which I exist
on level zero
the floor the bones the surfaces the orientation and the directing
the positioning and the connecting connections
whilst shaping but not shape
the mellow soft roundness flow part1

A heavy feeling inside
like an ache
a trauma-drama
the feeling I was going to die of thirst and even what is important wobbles
as well as the repetition
the break down
the Lou Reed delirious staccato that is rasping and jarring
the effort to lock and unlock
a concentrated choking fight part2

My sense of loss my sense of gain and loneliness
a leak awakening awareness to swell & deflate
there is something about leaving a trace of what happens on my skin
and hands like pincers in stillness
the work of art (Magritte’s women) through elegance
self-referential aesthetics and form part3


part1 = ground.
part2 = drama.
part3 = resolution. 

[background: weather - hush vs. blusterous] 

I bare, I behave, I’m being constant, I miss my first self, I look forward to my other self.
Oblivious drop smoking trust.
A wave.
Immense place scraping my nerves, spiking and speaking
accomplishing, engaging, knowing
week by week.


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